Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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Why should you remove cavity wall insulation?

As we live in a country that often faces a range of harsh weather condition, the brickwork and rendering of your property can begin to fail and allow water to get through. For cavity wall insulation, this causes the whole system to fail and not perform efficiently. Once cavity wall insulation becomes wet, it is virtually impossible to dry out.

In turn, this can lead to build ups of damp in your property and heat energy escaping your property through these weaker areas in your walls.

sheffield cavity wall insulation removal
cavity wall insulation removal sheffield

What we will do:

Our team will strategically remove bricks in the affected areas and blow compressed area to break up the damaged cavity wall insulation. They will then use industrial vacuums to ensure all the damage insulation is removed. Once the process has been carried out, our team will replace and fix the brickwork.

By doing this you can improve your properties energy efficiency and prevent any structural damage being caused through damp.

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